CEFNS IT Services

CEFNS IT maintains several services for students, faculty, and staff. 

Computer Labs and Resources

Our buildings are packed with computer labs and technology resources to meet the needs of the students and researchers. Pick a building below to learn more about the technology available near you.

Remote Services

Whether you're working in our computer labs, from home, or halfway across the world you can still reach several of our resource to keep your education moving forward. 

File Storage

Everyone in CEFNS is provided with additional networked file space to store your documents and assignments. This space is automatically accessible on most CEFNS computers and can be reached from any other networked computer on or off campus.
In addition to personal storage we also have shared space available for classes, research groups, and student organizations.
Both storage spaces are regularly backed up and we can often get you back on track when the worst happens.

Windows Remote Desktop

Our Windows remote desktop lets you run software from our computer labs in the comfort of your own home. You'll be able to use programs such as
  • MatLab
  • Geometer's Sketchpad
  • ArcGIS
For information connecting to our Windows remote desktops see:

Linux Remote SSH 

If you want to work on your personal CEFNS website or need a proven development environment you can connect to our Linux servers via SSH. These servers also have several of the software packages available on Windows if you just prefer a more robust platform.

Hosted Services

Web Hosting

Students, Faculty, and Staff have access to personal web space hosted through CEFNS Apache Web Server. Our server supports pages created with popular web development applications like Dreamweaver or web programming languages including PHP and Python.


Students are required to have a handheld scientific calculator to be used on exams. Students are not allowed to use calculator apps on their phones during examinations.

Engineering (Civil, Environmental, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)  and Computer Science students

Scientific calculator with the following functions

·         Trigonometric functions

·         Statistics functions

·         Matrix operations

·         Complex numbers / vectors

·         Binary / hexadecimal modes (for EE and CS only)


Construction Management

Scientific calculator with the following functions

·         Trigonometric functions

·         Statistics functions