CEFNS IT Policies

The College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences Information Technology (CEFNS IT) is a distinct entity from Northern Arizona University’s central Information Technology Services (ITS), however we do tie into the NAU network and other ITS services. In addition to the policies described below, CEFNS IT computers and technology are subject to all NAU and central ITS policies. CEFNS IT may make exceptions to NAU and CEFNS policies based on the needs of the College and the Departments, however all exceptions are made on a case by case basis, do not apply to new purchases, and may be revoked at any time.

CEFNS IT aims to be as open as possible with our policies and practices. We understand that the limitations of large policies and strict enforcement are detrimental to the advancement of research and development. However maintaining technology services for the largest and most technologically-oriented college in the University is no small feat; our policies exist to provide standards which students, faculty, staff, guests, and IT staff may take advantage of when working with the College’s technology services. Disruption of these standards diminishes the quality of services and significantly increases the time required support technology within the College.

CEFNS IT provides support to CEFNS students, faculty, staff, and guest for most of ITS services but may refer some matters to their technical support teams. We do not provide support for the following, if you are experiencing difficulties with these topics please contact the ITS Solution Center or the Student Technology Center (STC) directly: 

  1. User accounts and passwords are maintained by central ITS. If you have lost or forgotten your password or have other questions about your account contact the ITS Solution Center for faculty and staff or the STC for students. 
  2. Email is maintained by central ITS. Faculty and Staff email (Exchange) is supported by the ITS Solution Center and student email (NAU GMail) supported by the STC.
  3. Home directories on Bonsai for faculty and staff are maintained by central ITS and supported by the ITS Solution Center. Home directories on Dana for students are maintained by central ITS and supported by the STC.
  4. Printers requiring technical service or repair are handled by central ITS. They will only service HP or Dell laser printers and must have a NAU Property Control Number (PCN).
  5. PDAs, smart-phones, and tablets are supported by central ITS. Before purchasing a mobile device we recommend visiting the ITS Mobile Device Support Policy page to see which devices are supported.

Below are CEFNS IT specific policies. These policies apply across all CEFNS buildings and locations, except where specifically noted.