Xi Sigma Pi - Alpha Pi Chapter

 Xi Sigma Pi Initiation 

Xi Sigma Pi - Alpha Pi is Northern Arizona University's chapter of the National Forestry Honor Society whose members include undergraduate and graduate students along with faculty. The objectives of this Society are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forest resources management education, to work for the improvement of the forest resources management profession, and to promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest resources. In order to achieve these goals, the Society conducts several service projects within the community and school throughout the year.
Requirements to be invited to join the Alpha Pi chapter of Xi Sigma Pi include: A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25, a minimum of 74 total credit hours, with at least 10 credits in Forestry. In addition, the potential member must exemplify excellent personality and character. Such personality traits include: honesty, morality, industry, willingness to cooperate, friendliness, dependability, and leadership.


  • Weekly tutoring
  • Fall initiation (November)
  • Holiday party (December)
  • Fundraising and other volunteer activities
  • Monthly meetings

2016 Officers

Morgan Morreale - Forester (President)
Yazmina Venegas - Associate Forester (Vice President)
Dan Hartman - Fiscal Agent (Treasurer)
Elizabeth Wright - Secretary
Dr Rich Hofstetter - Faculty Advisor

2015 Officers

Laura Brown - Forester (President)
Rachel Harrow - Associate Forester (Vice President)
Natalie Wilson - Fiscal Agent (Treasurer)
Taylor Salazar - Secretary
Dr Rich Hofstetter - Faculty Advisor

2014 (fall) Officers:

Alec Seubert - Forester (President)
Kyle Niederer - Associate Forester (Vice President)
Scott Boling- Fiscal Agent (Treasurer)/Secretary
Dr Rich Hofstetter - Faculty Advisor

2013-2014 Officers:

Elizabeth Emery - Forester (President)
Stephanie Selig - Associate Forester (Vice President)
David Dunker - Fiscal Agent (Treasurer)
Barbara Sugarman - Secretary
Dr Rich Hofstetter - Faculty Advisor

2012-2013 Officers:

Michael Johnson - Forester (President)
Chris Howell - Associate Forester (Vice President)
Bo Stevens - Fiscal Agent (Treasurer)
Stephanie Selig - Secretary
Dr Rich Hofstetter - Faculty Advisor