School of Forestry Scholarships

The School of Forestry has over 50 endowed scholarships that are awarded to students annually. Many of these are listed on our donors page.
How do I apply?
  • Applications will be sent by email starting in November.
  • Most of our scholarships require completion of a one page scholarship application. Others require more information. For further details please watch your NAU inbox for the January emails as referenced above..
  • All applications are due February 15th, except for the Hafen and Kirk Smith Scholarships, which are due February 6th.
What are the criteria for being awarded a scholarship?
  • Common themes among scholarships are having a GPA above 2.5 or 3.0; being a full time student; qualifying for need based financial aid (i.e. grants or work study); and being a certain year in school (i.e. junior or higher). There are many other categories as well.
  • You must be a declared Forestry major to qualify for all Forestry scholarships.
How can I make my scholarship application more competitive?
  • Fill it out completely.
  • Make sure your application is legible and free from typos or other grammar mistakes. If we can’t read it, we can’t consider it.
  • List any type of leadership, volunteer or community service involvement. Think of all areas of your life, not just school. Service to a church or other volunteer organization and leadership in clubs or other activities are great things to include. Work experience is also a great place to show leadership.
  • Turn your application in on time. Late scholarship applications will not be considered.
Need more information? Contact Karen Blalock at or 928-523-8810.