Seminar Schedule Spring 2017

All seminars are 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Room 017 of the Southwest Forest Science Complex (Building 82) on the campus of Northern Arizona University (campus map). A reception for the speaker with food and refreshments precedes the seminar in the lounge in front of the seminar room (3:30-4:00 PM). No parking permit is needed for any vehicle with state, federal, or tribal license plates. Other persons (except students) can get a free permit from the School of Forestry administrative office prior to the seminar. Emailing the student host with your name, phone number, vehicle type and plate state and ID prior to the seminar will expedite the process of obtaining a parking permit.

FGSA Seminar Series ~ Spring 2017

Casey Teske
Fire-on-Fire interactions in three Rocky Mountain Wilderness Areas

John Klironomos
Plant-Soil Feedback contributes to plant community composition in temperate

Paul Summerfelt
Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project – *Why, What, How?*

Kathy Zeller
Integrating habitat use and movement across space and time to create
multi-level, multi-scale conservation models: A case study for puma in
Southern California

Pete Robichaud
Dirt goes downhill: Advancing our understanding of Postfire Assess,emt and
Erosion Mitigation

Joel Sankey
Predicting future, post-fire erosion and sedimentation with watershed
models in the Western USA

Kyle Doherty
Practical automation and programming to facilitate ecological research and
land management

Victoria Wesley
Forest Management from San Carlos Apache Perspective

No Seminar
Spring Break

Bill Anderegg
Stomata are regulated to manage hydraulic damage: Empirical evidence and
global consequences for forests

Neil Chapman
Accelerating Forest Restoration in Northern Arizona using the Digital
Restoration Guide

Tyson Swetnam
CyVerse: Transforming science through data driven discovery.

Margaret Moore
Climate Change impacts on plant communities from Arizona to Alberta:
testing and validating plant demography and population models from
historical 1-m2 chart quadrat data.

Quentin Hayes
Can we manage for healthy forests and healthy populations of spotted owls?
A case study in collaborative forestry from New Mexico

Laura Jo West and Heather Provencio
**Climbing the ranks in the United States Forest Service as Women: Lessons
from experience and beyond

Marianne Moore
Needles in haystacks: searching for signals of disease resistance in
complex samples from non-model species

** These are based on the speaker’s research interests and publications. We are in the process of getting titles from all seminar speakers.  

Spring Seminar Schedule


*Subject made by the inference of Michael Remke and may not reflect the topic of the speaker’s seminar