Seminar Schedule Fall 2015

All seminars are 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Room 017 of the Southwest Forest Science Complex (Building 82) on the campus of Northern Arizona University (campus map). A reception for the speaker with food and refreshments precedes the seminar in the lounge in front of the seminar room (3:30-4:00 PM). No parking permit is needed for any vehicle with state, federal, or tribal license plates. Other persons (except students) can get a free permit from the School of Forestry administrative office prior to the seminar. Emailing the student host with your name, phone number, vehicle type and plate state and ID prior to the seminar will expedite the process of obtaining a parking permit.



Seminar Title


Sep 9

Dr. John Klironomos

Scorched Earth Strategy by Invasive Alien Plants

Michael Remke

Sep 16

Dr. Sybill Amelon

An Unprecedented Disease in Unprecedented Times

Clarissa Starbuck

Sep 23

Dr. Nick Crookston

Including Climate Change as a Driver in Predicting Forest Dynamics: Unfinished Work in Climate-FVS

Clair Nash

Sep 30

Dr. Edith Allen

Ecosystem Impacts of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Deposition on Southern California Shrublands and their Restoration

Michael Remke

Oct 5

Dr. Julie Korb

The importance of undergraduate research: research findings from a warm-dry mixed conifer forest restoration study in southwestern Colorado

Tim Bryant

Oct 14

Dr. Jared Westerbrook

The application of genomics to accelerate the chestnut backcross breeding program

Ronnie Kyllo 

Oct 21

Dr. Lloyd Stark

The ecophysiology of desiccation tolerance in plants: drying without dying

Michael Remke

Oct 28

Dr. Wayne Freimund

Large Park Systems, Increasing Demand, Mass Transit and Unintended Consequences: A Case Study with Glacier National Park

Joseph Maatman

Nov 4




Nov 11

No Seminar

Veterans Day


Nov 18

Dr. Francis O’Donnell

Evaluating the effects of forest restoration on watershed health and function

Michael Remke

Nov 25

No Seminar



Dec 2

Dr. Yeon-Su Kim

Payments for Ecosystem Services in Developing Countries: My journey from Economics to Political Science

Michael Remke

Dec 9

Pete Motyka

Early forestry in Hawaii, and the creation of a novel ecosystem with great conservation potential for endangered species

Michael Remke