FGSA Seminar Series Fall 2018

All seminars are 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Room 017 of the Southwest Forest Science Complex (Building 82) on the campus of Northern Arizona University (campus map). A reception for the speaker with food and refreshments precedes the seminar in the lounge in front of the seminar room (3:30-4:00 PM). Visitors (except students) can get a free permit from the School of Forestry administrative office prior to the seminar. Emailing the student host with your name, phone number, vehicle type and plate state and ID prior to the seminar will expedite the process of obtaining a parking permit.


Date Speaker Title Speaker Email Student Host 
09/05/18 Erine Valdez Natural History and conservation of bats from the Southwest ernie@usgs.govDan Sanchez
09/12/18Amanda De La Torre CubaGenomics of local adaptation in conifers Amanda.del-la-Torre@nau.eduStephanie Miller
09/19/18Myron ShekelleTBD 
Thalita Sumampow
09/26/18Marianne MooreNeedles in haystacks: searching for signals of disease resistance in complex samples from non-model species Marianne.Moore@asu.eduClarissa Starbuck
10/03/18John M. AnderiesGoverning our shared natural resources in the Anthropocene: Knowledge, institutions, and human behavior m.anderies@asu.eduErnawati Apriani
10/10/18Megan BartlettTBD 
Ethan Bucholz
10/17/18Jason HollidayGenetic and genomic tools to accelerate American chestnut restoration jah1@vt.eduMatthew Weiss
10/24/18Matt HurteauWildfire and climate influences on carbon carrying capacity. mhurteau@unm.eduAlicia Azpeleta
10/31/18Hugh SaffordTBD hughsaford@fs.fed.usMegan Poling
11/07/18Shaula HedwallTBD shaula_hedwall@fws.govMegan Poling
11/14/18Karen MockAspen in a changing landscape: what's possible? karen.mock@usu.eduAalap Dixit
11/28/18Sarah ElmendorfPlant responses to climate change: insites from long-term records and coordinated monitoring networks sarah.elmendorf@colorado.eduWade Gibson
12/05/18Tom GormanUtilization of small-diameter southwestern ponderosa pine: Turing a waste product into an asset tgorman@uidaho.eduDamon Vaughan
12/12/18 Alan AlgarSynergistic effects of forest restoration and managed fire on development of fire resilient forests aager@fs.fed.usJesse Young