ESRI Site License

ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS) software, products, and services are available to Northern Arizona University through an Arizona tri-University site license. This site license is managed at our university by a consortium of campus ArcGIS sites *.

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  1. Software overviews can be found at ESRI's website
  2. The Software, Data, and Related Materials provided under this agreement can only be installed on NAU machines and can only be used for teaching, research, and administrative purposes by NAU staff, faculty, and students. Some restrictions apply to research and administrative purposes.  "Use of the licensed products for profit or private gain shall be an express violation of the terms..."

    "Administrative Use" means use of the Software, Data, Web Services, or Documentation for activities, such as asset mapping, facilities management, demographic analysis, routing, campus safety, and accessibility analysis that are not directly related to instruction, education, or academic research.

    Addendum, ESRI, June 5, 2009: "We have added a clause to the site license agreement to permit faculty and staff to install any software product included in the ESRI Site License on their personally owned computer for use in education and research."
  3. To acquire software through this site license please contact the Solution Center.


Technical problems with site license software?  

Also, subscribe to our university's GIS-L list for local announcements and communication. Subscribe by sending email to:


with a single line of text in the body of the message that says:

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Student resources

  • Students may also possibly request an ArcGIS One-Year Student License by contacting
    • ESRI Student Licenses are "for educational use only." 
    • Please review the system requirements for latest version before requesting this license.
    • When making your request, please specify the version you would like.
    • ArcGIS is also available on the campus Virtual Lab.

Faculty and Staff resources

ESRI Higher Education List Server  

Faculty and staff may install any software product included in the ESRI Site License on their personally owned computer for use in instruction and research.

Virtual campus

Northern Arizona University faculty, staff, and students have access to all Premium License Courses. Courses expire one year after acquisition. To request access to ESRI Training, contact These requests must come from a Northern Arizona University e-mail address.

User Conference

NAU receives a limited number of complementary registrations to the annual ESRI Education GIS Conference and ESRI User Conference. These are generally held during the summer and in succession. (This does not include travel, per diem, or lodging, only the conference registration.)

These registrations are offered first to NAU's two technical support individuals. After that, in somewhat of a first come first served basis, and in no particular order, they are available to campus GIS Specialists, especially if from a cost contributing entity; individuals wishing to present at the conference; faculty and staff wishing to begin a new GIS initiative; and GIS educators. Lastly, if any remain late in the spring, these can go to anyone from NAU who wishes to attend.

Registration usually begins in December. While there is no cut off for requesting a complimentary registration, please contact as soon as you think you might be interested. This registration is "Subject to approval from your organizations Esri maintenance contact".

Software, products, and services


For teaching and research use contact using your NAU email address. Please provide your NAU affiliation (faculty, staff, graduate student, or undergraduate student), your department, and how you plan to use the application.

For administrative use contact


  • ArcGIS - includes standard ESRI extensions
    - 3D Analyst
    - Geosatisitical Analyst
    - Network Analyst
    - Publisher
    - Spatial Analyst
    - Tracking Analyst
    - ArcGIS Data Reviewer
    - ArcGIS for Aviation: Charting
    - ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting
    - ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry
    - Data Interoperability (teaching and research only)
    - ESRI Defense Mapping
    - Workflow Manager
    - Business Analyst Premium (teaching and research only)
    - ESRI Production Mapping
    - ESRI Roads and Highways
    - Schematics for ArcGIS
    - VBA
  • Business Analyst (teaching and research only)
  • City Engine
  • ArcPad (teaching and research only)
  • ArcGIS Server Packages **

Other Products or Services  

  • Spatial Labs 2013
  • Esri Data
  • Any Software Documentation and Tutorials (40% off list)
  • Training at ESRI (40% off list)
  • User Conference Registration (40% off list)
  • ESRI Grants  

* Major NAU ArcGIS sites pay the annual fee to maintain this site license. ArcGIS acquisition by other sites may require contribution to the annual maintenance.
** As distributed under this license, may be used to publish data if the primary purpose is data sharing and education. Restrictions apply if service fees are charged.