Computer Labs

The Graduate Student Computer Labs are located in rooms 112 and 224; the Undergraduate Student Computer Lab is located in room 109. In addition, there is a multimedia computer in each of our classrooms. Graduate students can log on to computers in all of these labs and classrooms; undergraduate students can log on to computers in all of these labs and classrooms, except those located in room 224.

Some of the data you need to use the Forestry Computer Labs is located on campus servers; bonsai for employees (H: Drive) and dana for students (Z: Drive). You may find disk space availability limiting on these servers. However, you also have an X: drive, with a quota of 20 GB's, available upon login in the Forestry Computer Labs.


  1. These computer labs are yours; please treat them as such and respect the rights of others using the lab.
  2. This lab is only for School of Forestry / Ecological Restoration Institute faculty, staff, students, and non-Forestry/ERI students enrolled in a class requiring an account.
  3. Reserved lab times may mean "no admittance" to non-class members or "admittance" at the discretion of the instructor.
  4. Remember to log off from the computer and clean up any debris when you are finished working in the lab. YOU are responsible for any action performed on or from a machine to which you are logged on, even if you weren't the individual performing the action. Also, logging off protects your data.
  5. No food is allowed in the lab. Drinks are allowed in covered or spill-resistant containers; please use common sense in managing drinks in the lab.
  6. Lab doors are NOT to be propped open at any time.
  7. Misuse of lab resources or policies could result in denial of lab privileges.

Virtual Lab

NAU's Virtual Lab terminal server can be accessed from almost any computer connected to the internet.  Software installed in the Virtual Lab includes ArcGIS, SPSS, and SAS. Unlike our Forestry PC Labs your Forestry server shares will not be mapped automatically.  If you know the path, however, these Forestry server shares can still be accessed.