Podcasts 2014

FOR 520, Forest Stand Dynamics, is a course that explores how forest stands develop and change through time. Emphasis is placed on the biological mechanisms that drive the stand development process and on management applications. Special attention is given to the role of disturbances, both natural and anthropogenic.

Each year, the students develop podcasts related to a topic of interest related to stand development patterns. Below are the names of the Spring 2014 students and their podcast titles. We hope you enjoy their work!

  • Sarah Auerbach: Facilitation for the Future.
    Listen (8:26)
  • Greg Black: Stand dynamics and regeneration patterns following spruce-beetle related disturbance in boreal forests in south-central Alaska.
    Listen (5:59)
  • Matthew Blanford: Gaps, Patches, and Openings.
    Listen (8:32)
  • Stephen Burr: Predictions of Climate Change Impacts on Tree Species Distribution and Stand Structure along Forested Ecotones in the Southwest.
    Listen (10:56)
  • Kelsey Flathers: Ponderosa Pine Forest Structure.
    Listen (5:58)
  • Howard Hoyt: Forest Stand Dynamics of Threatened Spotted Owl (Strix occientalis) Subspecies Habitat.
    Listen (9:24)
  • Quinn Kawamoto: Understanding the role of western redcedar in Pacific Northwest Forests.
    Listen (10:19)
  • Lara Kobelt: Spatial Patterns and Stand Dynamics of Joshua Trees.
    Listen (7:07)
  • Jesse Mike: Forest Invasion of Montane Grasslands.
    Listen (5:10)
  • Kyle Rodman: Patterns of Disturbance in Mixed Conifer Forests of the Southwest.
    Listen (10:06)