Travel Conclusion

What to do after a trip...

  • Within five days of returning from your trip, collect original receipts (i.e. lodging, parking, etc.) and turn them in to your Travel Specialist.
    • If there are no receipts, please send an email letting us know that.
    • If you have questions about what to submit, please contact your Travel Specialist.
  • Let us know if anything about your trip has changed.
    • Did the dates and times of your trip change?
    • Were there any meals included with the conference or your hotel?
    • Are there any additional expenses that you did not include in your estimate?
    • Are there expenses in your estimate that you will not be claiming?
  • Once we have your receipts, we will create a Travel Summary or Exhibit J for your trip.
    • That travel summary will be in your box for review within 1 week of you turning in your receipts.
    • Please review the summary to make sure it accurately reflects your trip and that reimbursement is for the right amount.
    • Sign the Exhibit J. If necessary, have your supervisor sign it as well.
    • Return the completed Exhibit J to your Travel Specialist.
  • Once we have the completed Exhibit J, we will start the process to get your reimbursement. From that point, reimbursements normally take one week.
  • Reimbursements are handled by direct deposit. If you are not currently enrolled in direct deposit, you will receive a paper check.