Faculty publications

As the School of Forestry's research program continues to grow, so does its output of publications. In the past eleven years, the School of Forestry faculty has produced over 500 publications, nearly all of which have appeared in peer-reviewed journals or in books. This is quite an impressive number of publications for a relatively small faculty, many of whom have appointments that emphasize teaching over research.

In addition to producing an impressive number of publications, there are also indications that the School of Forestry's research is having a significant impact. For example, a study published in the July/August 2006 issue of the Journal of Forestry found that the School of Forestry ranked 19th out of 53 forestry programs in the total number of times its publications were cited and an impressive 6th in the number of citations per research faculty member. The number of times an article is cited (referred to in another publication) is a good indication of how useful that publication was found to be by other scientists.

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NAU Publications

NAU publications from the School of Forestry, including Dissertations and Theses, are housed at NAU's Cline Library and can be located using the Library's Find Books Research Resource.

NAU School of Forestry Publications

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