Print Logos

The below logos designed to be inserted into documents such as posters. To download, right click over the desired image below and select Save Image/Picture As...

These images are large with regard to XY dimensions to provide good resolution for a myriad of potential uses. Once inserted into the document, you will need to resize them to fit your layout. (Resize these using the corners of the graphic. If you resize using the sides you will change the XY ratio.)

Please do not attempt to edit or alter these images in any way, as doing so may not adhere to guidelines provided by University Marketing.

Agency logos for USFS, BLM, NPS, BIA, and US Fish & Wildlife as well as vector format (.eps) versions of the below are available by emailing

Also available is a Microsoft Word document of the School of Forestry Letterhead.


School of Forestry Logo Horizontal


Centennial Forest  Logo Horizontal


Ecological Restoration Institute Logo Horizontal


CEFNS Logo Horizontal


School of Forestry Logo Vertical


Centennial Forest Logo Vertical


Ecological Restoration Logo Vertical


CEFNS Logo Vertical