Network Shares

ITS has information on network drives/shares. Below is the information you will need specific to School of Forestry shares.

Forestry Home Drive (X:)
Share: Homes\"your userID"
Folder Example: \\\Homes\abc99 (where abc99 is your UserID)

Forestry Project/Lab shares
Share: this should have been provided to you
Folder Example: \\\MyProject

Forestry "Q: Drive"
Share: acaddata
Folder: \\\acaddata

If you're connecting from your personally owned computer, you will want to connect using a different user name. If this is the case, select this option and enter your complete NAU user name (e.g., nau\"UserID" or nau-students\"UserID") and password.

Lastly, if you're connecting from off campus you will first need to connect to NAU VPN