Network Printers

School of Forestry charges for print jobs. Please see the Costs section below for details.

General use

Appropriate printers are installed automatically upon logon to PC Lab, faculty/staff, and research lab desktops. Network printers can be accessed on other computers, such as laptops and green PC logons, as...
Devices and Printers
 Add a Printer
  Network Printer
   Connect to Printer: \\\"name"
   (e.g., \\\for_bw224)

To make a printer the default, open Devices and Printers, right click over the desired printer, and select Set as default printer.

Name Description
for_bw109 HP LaserJet 600 M602dn - room 109 (duplex) 
for_color109 HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn - room 109 (duplex)
for_bw112 HP LaserJet 600 M602dn - room 112 (duplex) 
for_color112 HP Color LaserJet CP2025dn - room 112 (duplex)
for_bw224 HP LaserJet 600 M602dn - room 224 (duplex) 
for_color224 HP Color LaserJet CP5225dn - room 224 (duplex, 11x17) 
for_plot224 HP Designjet Z5200 44" Plotter - room 224 
for_copier116 Konica Minolta 751 - room 116 (access code required *)

* Open "Devices and Printers"
Right click over Forestry Copier Room 116 and select "Printer Preferences."
At the "Basic" tab click the "Authentication/Account Track..." button and enter your copier password.


School of Forestry and ERI individuals whose primary affiliation is faculty or staff will not be charged for printing. Charges for student printing are as follows:

Black and White
Black and White duplex
Color duplex
Plotter Output

Note: Charge for 11x17 on color224 are double those of 8.5x11.
$0.10 / page
$0.15 / page
$0.35 / page
$0.65 / page
$1.00 / square foot

Those students who are declared Forestry Majors, graduate or undergraduate, on the first day of spring or fall semester, will receive a $10 pre-pay for that semester. The unused portion of this pre-pay does not rollover. When you visit the NAU Print Accounting Page this initial $10 provided by Forestry will appear in your total. This Forestry component, however, is only applicable in Forestry labs.

If your print job fails due to printer malfunction please contact the School of Forestry Business Manager so the charge can be expunged from your account.


In Print & Fax > Add Printer section select the Advanced icon. (If you do not have this icon right-click in the toolbar, select Customize Toolbar, and drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar.)

Once in the Advanced section

  • Select Windows as the Type
  • Enter the appropriate URL as smb://"printer name" (See above for "printer name.")
  • Name it as you wish
  • Select the appropriate Printer Driver (see above for model numbers).


  • To print, you will need to authenticate with your NAU or NAU-Students domain account. The first time you print, it will most likely fail, as you are not prompted for authentication. If this occurs, simply resume the print job and then you should be prompted for authentication. Remember to enter the domain name, back slash prior to your UserID in the authentication window.
  • If you are using wireless you must be connected to NAU VPN.
  • If you do not want to re-enter your account information each time, you may select the Add To Keychain option. When you change your password print jobs will then fail; simply resume the print job as above and the authentication window should appear.