Known Problems

PC Labs/Classrooms

  1. Classroom projector does not display desired computer output.

    Workaround: Set the projector to RGB1 (rooms 017, 018, 034B) or Video (rooms 133, 135, 136). Hold down the Windows Key, select P (Connect to a Projector), and select "Duplicate". If using PowerPoint, also see the PowerPoint item below.
  2. Windows Media Player does not play DVD's.

    Workaround: Use VLC Media Player
  3. When you start your PowerPoint slide show,
    a) the monitor displays your slide as well as "Next slide" and "Notes" and
    b) the projector displays only your slide
    and this is not your desired method of presentation and/or the output displayed on the projector does not look correct.

    Workaround: PowerPoint gives you two basic methods for presenting a slide show: 1) The slide show is displayed on both the projector and the computer monitor and 2) the slide show is displayed on the projector and presenter view is displayed on the computer monitor. If you are not witnessing the desired method, close PowerPoint and for
    - Method 1: Hold down the Windows Key, select P, set the projector to Duplicate, open PowerPoint, and start your slide show.
    - Method 2: Hold down the Windows Key, select P, set the projector to Extend, open PowerPoint, and start your slide show. (It would appear that for this method to display correctly the slide show must be formatted with the same aspect ratio as the monitor/projector and the projector aspect ratio should be set to Normal using the projector remote.)
  4. Adobe Acrobat Professional is not in the Start Menu list of programs.

    Workaround: Open Acrobat Professional from the Start menu by searching for "Acrobat Pro". You may see an error to the effect that the file cannot be found but the program still opens.


  1. The writers of Web Browsers seem to be surpassing those who write applications for Web Browsers.

    Workaround: If a web applications does not behave as intended in a particular browser, try a different one (IE / Firefox / Chrome). If you're using IE, you could also try compatibility mode.

Students... out of disk space?

Step 1: Clear your Downloads folder and Recycle Bin

Delete files in your Downloads folder that are no longer needed. Then, after inspection, empty your Recycle Bin.

Step 2: Inspect your Dana drive

Most of your data is redirected to a folder on a campus server. This folder is Z:\NTProfile for students. Every file you store in Documents and on the Desktop is actually being stored on this campus server. Be sure to look through these areas, as well as the top level of your Z: drive, and remove any unneeded files. If you are a declared Forestry major you should also have an X: drive to which you can move your data. If you still are having issues move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Call 928-523-9294

The Student Technology Center at 928-523-9294 will grant students a quota increase up to 1GB with no questions asked. You can check your current quota level by opening Computer, right clicking over your Z: drive, and selecting Properties (1000 MB = 1GB). If you are already at the maximum quota, you may still call the Student Technology Center and inquire about how you may obtain a further increase in quota, or ask if they can help in any way.