Field Computers

Eighteen Dell Latitude 10 touch screen tablets with integrated GPS are available for use in teaching. These tablets are running Windows 8.x with Office 2013, ArcPad, FVS, and R.

Equipment and associated replacement cost includes
- Latitude 10 and power adapter $755,
- Griffin Survivor Case $55,
- SD Card $35,
- Screen Protector $15,
- Stylus $40, and
- Garmin GPO GPS $106.

School of Forestry Field tablets can be reserved by faculty and staff individually or as a package for class use. First priority will be given to Forestry Capstone courses. Following this, priority will be given to applications which clearly demonstrate 1) the use of “technology in the classroom” or 2) advancement of student professional development.

Tablets will only be checked out to faculty and staff. Through course syllabus or other means, students should be made aware that "individuals will be charged the replacement cost for any equipment damaged through abuse or negligence and for any lost equipment."