E-Mail Lists

The following e-mail lists are used to communicate within the School of Forestry.

  • Forestry-Faculty@lists.nau.edu - School of Forestry faculty as reflected in NAU records, plus a few additions
  • Forestry-Staff@lists.nau.edu - School of Forestry staff as reflected in NAU records, plus a few additions
  • Forestry-Graduate@lists.nau.edu - School of Forestry MF, MSF, and Ph.D. Students
  • Forestry-All@lists.nau.edu - Contains lists Forestry-Faculty, Forestry-Staff, Forestry-Graduate, plus a few additions

Undergraduate list

The following e-mail list is for communicating with Forestry Undergraduate Students and is updated nightly based on declared major. Posting to this list is controlled.


Authorized Forestry posters

Executive Director
Administrative Associate
Student Services Coordinator
select faculty
( for-auth@lists.nau.edu ) 

Instructions for Authorized Posters

E-mail your message to the list address (recommend Bcc to the authorization list). You will receive a confirmation request from the LISTSERVER, reply in the body of the message to this with ONLY:


E-mail lists for classes

The university maintains and updates nightly, current email lists for all NAU classes. To send email to all students in your class(es) log into:


From this page, you will see a mailing list entry for every course for which you are listed as an instructor. Additionally, the page contains information about how the lists are maintained, how to use the lists, and other features such as viewing owners (who else is listed as instructor), and viewing members (the students in each list).