Aregai Tecle, Ph.D. - Professor

tecle Research Interests

Hydrologic Modeling, Water Quality Analysis and Conflict Resolution/Avoidance and Multi criterion Decision Making in Natural Resources Management

Water holds a special position in ecosystem maintenance and management science. All the biotic and abiotic components within a particular ecosystem are dependent on water in one way or the other, and the presence of the various ecosystem components in return affects the quality and quantity of water in the biosphere. Our research efforts are designed to have a better understanding and develop reliable explanations for the various relationships between the different ecosystem components. The knowledge so gained is important for developing state-of-the-art integrated ecosystem management and science.

In all our endeavors, water is studied as a major resource component of forested and other wildland ecosystems. In this respect its possible influence on the biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem are studied in a systems framework. Related research areas currently in progress or in the planning stage include: modeling precipitation-runoff relationships in forested environments, analyzing forest and wildland water quality problems, modeling surface and subsurface contaminant movement and attenuation processes, and examining climate change scenarios affecting forest ecosystem conditions. The development and use of appropriate multicriterion decision-making techniques as tools for holistic ecosystem management is another area of our research focus. Our aim in this research area is to develop a methodology for selecting the most preferred management scheme to achieve multi resource outputs and resolve conflicts among competing decision-makers.


B.A., Anderson University, 1971
M.S., Ball State University, 1979
M.S., University of Arizona, 1986
Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1988

Post doctoral:
1988 Research Associate, University of Arizona
1995-1996, Visiting Associate Professor, Stanford University

Contact Information

Office: Building 82 - Room 242
Phone: 928.523.6642

Selected Publications

Tecle, A., C.A. Henke III, C.C. Avery, and M.B. Baker, Jr. In press. Assessing similarities in precipitation and stream flow discharge among three upland watersheds. Hydrology and water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest, Vol. 28.

Tecle, A., and D.E. Rupp. In press. Stochastic Precipitation-Runoff Model Water Yield From a Semi-Arid Forested Environment, a Chapter, In: Janos Bogardi, (ed.), Risk, Reliability, Uncertainty and Robustness of Water Resources Systems, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.

Tecle, A., B. Shrestha, and L. Duckstein. 1998. A Multi objective decision support system for multiresource forest management. Group Decision and Negotiation, 7:23-40.

Tecle, A., P. Kitanidis, and M. Reinhard. 1997. Biodegradability of BTEX contaminants under natural field conditions. Hydrology and water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest, 27:39-46.

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Tecle, A., and L. Duckstein. 1994. Concepts of Multi criterion Decision Making, Chapter 3. In: H.P. Nachnebel (ed.), Decision support System in Water Resources Management, UNESCO Press, Paris, France.

Tecle, A., L. Duckstein, and P. Korhonen. 1994. "Interactive, Multi objective programming for forest resources management." Applied Mathematics and Computation 63(1):75-93.