Merton T. Richards, Ph.D. - Professor Emeritus

richards Research Interests

Forest recreation, economics, and policy

Using Computers to Improve the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum

Current research efforts involve the application of computer-based technology to improve the use of the recreation opportunity spectrum for wildland recreation management. This research includes the assessment of recreation experiences and benefits using photographic images of potential crowding and competing recreational uses of various recreation opportunity settings.

Richards also conducts research to asses economic values of wildland recreation use, forest scenic beauty, and nonconsumptive use of wildlife. In addition, the policy implications of recreational demand for forest resources is examined.


B.S., University of Montana, 1971
M.S., University of Arizona, 1974
Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1980

Selected Publications

Daniel, T.C., T.C. Brown, D.A. King, M.T. Richards, and W.P. Stewart. 1989. Perceived scenic beauty and contingent valuation of forest campgrounds. Forest Science. 35(1).

Richards, M.T., D.A. King, T.C. Daniel, and T.C. Brown. 1990. The lack of an expected relationship between travel cost and contingent value estimates of forest recreation value. Leisure Sciences 12:303-319.

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Richards, M.T. and T.C. Daniel. 1991. Management of recreation and esthetic values in southwestern ponderosa pine forests. In: Multiresource Management of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests: The Status of Knowledge. USDA Forest Service, Southwestern Region Publication. pp. 315-360.

Richards, M.T. and T.C. Brown. 1992. Economic value of campground visits in Arizona. Research Paper RM-305. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, Ft. Collins, CO.