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Research Interest

Dr. Laporte’s work focuses on applications of satellite imagery for mapping, monitoring, managing and conserving tropical forests.  Her research includes estimating forest biomass (carbon stocks) as well as land use change and deforestation processes. She has spent some 30 years building institutional and human technical capacity for governments and NGOs in Africa, including establishing a research office in central Congo. Dr. Laporte’s research has influenced tropical forest policies and increased transparency in the environmental sector.  A central piece of her technical capacity building activities has focused on remote sensing and GIS training of young analysts and scientists in order to reduce national science and technology gaps.  As a scientist, she has led large research projects and raised more than $10 million USD in grants from Google, NASA, NSF and international donors.  She developed an “Integrated Forest Monitoring System for Central Africa”, combining fine scale satellite imagery information with field observations to improve forest management practices in the logging sector, as well as the “Protected Area Watch for the Albertine Rift” to promote forest and wildlife conservation in Eastern Africa.  She has published her research in high profile journals such as Science, Nature Climate Change, Environmental Research Letters, among others. 


Ph.D. 1991,  University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse France
Postdoctoral Researcher 1991-1994, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 

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Phone: 928-523-6568