Ching-Hsun Huang, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

huang Research and Teaching Interests

Forest Economics, Optimal Forest Management, Carbon Sequestration, Market and Non-market Ecosystem Services

I am interested in applying economic theory to allocate scarce resources among competing uses in the most efficient way. I have diverse research interests that include multiple-use forestry, optimal forest management, economic tradeoffs in forest management, carbon sequestration, tradable carbon rights, potential income sources for forest landowners and economic opportunities of Arizona's Native American tribes.


B.S., Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1990
M.S., University of Houston-Clear Lake, 1993
Ph.D., Stephen F. Austin State University, 1999

Contact Information

Office: Building 82 - Room 236
Phone: 928.523.7502

Selected Publications

Publications are listed at Google Scholar.