Denver C. Hospodarsky, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

hospodarsky Research Interests

Human dimensions in ecosystem management, institutional arrangements in resource management.

Human Values in Recreation Management

Expressions of human values for wildlands are diverse and sometimes discordant. This is true whether the values in question are held by the users or the managers of wildland resources. A primary interest addressed in my research is to document ways in which human value concerns may be addressed through integrated management and regional planning technologies, with special focus on recreation resources.

Other research continues into the sociology of recreation behavior, especially studies of cross-cultural meanings, as well as studies to further refine social research methods applicable to problem solving within the human ecosystem-management context.


B.S., Mississippi State University, 1978
M.S., University of Washington, 1982
Ph.D., Oregon State University, 1993

Contact Information

Office: Building 82 - Room 104
Phone: 928.523.7525

Selected Publications

Hospodarsky, D. 1997. Institutional design concepts for agency resource acquisition. J. Park and Recreation Administration 15(3):13-19.

Hospodarsky, D., D. Chavez, and M. Lee. 1996. Recreation use on the Tonto National Forest: A racial and ethnic user group analysis. USDA-Forest Service Research Report PSW-RR96-216, Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, Riverside, CA. (In press.)

Little, U. and D. Hospodarsky. 1995. Community based piñ on-juniper woodland resource management planning for Nahat'a'Dziil Chapter. In Proceedings of the Desired Future Conditions for Piñon-Juniper Ecosystems Symposium, August 8-12, 1994, Flagstaff, AZ. USDA-FS GTR RM-258

Hospodarsky, D. 1994. A conceptual framework for regional recreation planning. In Proceedings of the IUFRO Subject Group S6.01 Forest Recreation, Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation Interim Meeting, August 30-September 4, 1993, Seoul, South Korea.

Hospodarsky, D. 1988. Assessing regional recreation patterns: a regional approach. Notes on People, Parks and Forests. (1):2.

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