Stephen M. Dewhurst, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

dewhurst Special Talents

Java programming, hueristics, spatial analysis, GIS, remote sensing.

Current Projects

Pronghorn antelope habitat assessment and restoration planning, Markov chain analysis of natural disturbance regimes.

Research Interests

Forest Management Planning, Scenario Planning, Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management, Analytical Decision Support Tools, Simulation and Optimization Models, Harvest Scheduling.


B.A., University of California - Santa Barbara, 1985
M.S., University of Minnesota, 1988
Ph.D., Northern Arizona University, 1996

Contact Information

Office: Building 82 - Room 237
Phone: 928.523.9647

Selected publications (Peer Reviewed)

In Preparation:  

Chambers, C. L., M. Herder, R. J. M. Corbett, K. Yasuda, W. M. Masters, and S. Dewhurst. (In Preparation) Movement patterns of spotted bats (Euderma maculatum) in northern Arizona (to be submitted to Journal of Mammalogy)

Clark, M., S.M. Dewhurst, S.A. Rosenstock, R.A. Ockenfels. (in Preparation). Modeling for Pronghorn Habitat Restoration (to be submitted to Restoration Ecology)

In Review/Revision:

Kim, Y.S., S.M. Dewhurst, and D.S. Hospodarsky (In Review) Making the Move to the New Paradigm: Teaching With the 2005 Planning Rule. Journal of Forestry

Campbell, K.A., and S.M. Dewhurst (revised, in 2nd review) A hierarchical simulation-through-optimization approach to forest disturbance modeling. Ecological Modelling

Campbell, K.A. S.M. Dewhurst, S.A. Schuhardt, M.A. Wahlberg (in Revision). Habitat Classification and Analysis for Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in North-Central Arizona. Rangeland Ecology and Management


Sherry E.E., S.M. Dewhurst and M.K. Karjala, (2005). Aboriginal forest planning: lessons from three community pilot projects. Canadian Journal of Native Studies.25(1):51-91

Karjala, M.K., E.E. Sherry & S.M. Dewhurst, (2004). Criteria and indicators for sustainable forestplanning: A framework for recording Aboriginal resource and social values. Forest Policy and Economics 6(2), 95-110

Karjala, M.K., & Dewhurst, S.M. (2003). Exploring Aboriginal forestry: a case study in central interior, British Columbia, Canada. Landscape and Urban Planning 64.

Dewhurst, S.M. and W.B. Kessler. (1999). Using scenario planning to educate the next generation of natural resource managers. Journal of Forestry 97 (11). 43-47.

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Dewhurst, S.M., W.W. Covington, and D.B. Wood (1995). Developing a model for adaptive ecosystem management: goshawk management on Arizona's Kaibab plateau. Journal of Forestry. 92(12).


Karjala, M.E., E.E. Sherry, and S. Dewhurst (2003) The Aboriginal forest planning p: a guidebook for identifying community-level criteria and indicators. University of Northern British Columbia and Forest Renewal BC. 90pp.

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