Research Interests Amanda De La Torre 

My research broadly focuses on understanding the genomic and evolutionary basis of adaptation to changing environments in natural populations of tree species. The main part of my current research takes population and quantitative genomics approaches to discover genes underlying phenotypic traits of importance or associations with environmental variables. Rapid climate change is the largest challenge facing natural forests and their ecosystems, therefore genomic information is key to understand the capacity of natural populations to adapt to new environmental conditions and diseases, and to develop effective conservation and management strategies.

Additionally, at a broader scale, I use comparative genomics, phylogenomics and molecular evolution to understand the process of adaptive evolution across different seed plant lineages, and the evolution of genes and gene families that differentiate gymnosperms from flowering plants, and woody from herbaceous plants.

Topics of interests

  • Genomics of local adaptation to climate
  • Hybridization and the maintenance of species barriers
  • Gene and genome evolution
  • Ecological or landscape genomics
  • Epigenomics
  • Applications of genomics to forest tree breeding and conservation


B.S., La Molina Agrarian University, Peru 2002

MSc., La Molina Agrarian University, Peru 2006

Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada 2012

Postdoctoral: Umea University, Sweden 2013-2015,

University of California-Davis 2015-2017.

Contact Information 

Office: Building 82- Room 231

Phone: 928.523.4976


Recent Publications 

  • Vasquez-Lobo A*, De la Torre AR*, Vangestel C, Martinez-Garcia PJ, Wegzryn JL, Calic I, Burton D, Davis D, Kinloch B, Neale DB.  2017. Finding loci associated to partial resistance to white pine blister rust on sugar pine (Pinus Iambertiana Dougl.). Tree Genetics & Genomes 13:108 
    *These authors contributed equally to this work.  
  • Li Z, De La Torre AR, Sterck L, Canovas FM, Avila C, Merino I, Cabezas JA, Cervera MT, Ingvarsson PK, Van de Peer Y. 2017. Single-copy genes as molecular markers for phylogenomic studies in seed plants. Genome Biology and Evolution 9(4): 1130-1147. 
  • De La Torre AR, Li Z, Van de Peer Y, Ingvarsson PK. 2017. Contrasting rates of molecular evolution and patterns of selection among gymnosperms and flowering plants. Molecular Biology and Evolution 34(6): 1363-1377.  
  • Neale DB, Martinez-Garcia PJ, De La Torre AR, Montanari S, Wei X. 2017. Novel insights into tree biology and genome evolution as revealed through genomics. Annual Review of Plant Biology 68: 13.1-13.27 

A complete list of publications can be found at Google Scholar 

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Courses taught at NAU 

  • Conservation Genetics
  • Forest Genetics
  • Forest Ecology II