Carol L. Chambers, Ph.D. - Professor

chambers Research Interests

Wildlife ecology 

Conservation of Native Fauna and Sustained Development of Natural Resources

Growing concerns over maintaining animal and plant biodiversity have led to significant changes in forest management policies in recent years. As alternative management techniques are applied to forested landscapes, land managers need to assess their effects on wildlife. I study animal habitat relationships in forest range ecosystems. Most of my work is directed towards examining wildlife community responses to natural and human-caused disturbances. The information gained can be used by resource managers to make more informed decisions regarding wildlife and wildlife management.

I am interested in the effects of habitat change on wildlife and in methods of inventory, monitoring, and conserving biotic diversity. Specifically, I'm working with students to investigate the impacts of wildfire on animal communities, the function of hardwood species in conifer-dominated landscapes as habitat, the response of small mammal communities to restoration treatments in ponderosa pine, and structure and function of riparian areas as critical habitat for animals. 


B.S., University of Kentucky, Lexington, 1979
M.S., University of Kentucky, Lexington, 1989
Ph.D., Oregon State University, Corvallis, 1996 

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Office: Building 82 - Room 209
Phone: 928.523.0014

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