Advisory council

Advisory Council 2015

The School of Forestry’s Advisory Council was formed in the Fall of 2009. It consists of individuals representing a broad range of forestry-related organizations.


Lee Alford (BSF, 1969; MSF 1971)
Title: Vice President, Weyerhaeuser (Retired)

Leon Ben (BSF 1994)
Title: Regional Fire Management Officer Wildland Fire Management
BIA Western Regional Office

Mary Coulombe (BSF, 1984)
Title: Chief
Natural Resources Management
US Army Corps of Engineers

Cliff Dils (BSF, 1981)
Title: SW Director of forest Management
USDA Forest Service, Region 3

Alison Hill
Title: Program Manager
Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Science Program
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Melvin Hunter, Jr. (BSF 2010)
Title: Natural Resource Specialist
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Truxton Canon Agency-Natural Resource NRS

Blair Moody (BSF, 1975)
Title: Retired: BLM, USFS, Private Industry

Mike Ryan (MSF 1978)
Title: Senior Research Scientist
Department of Forest, Rangeland and Watershed Stewardship
Warner College of Natural Resources
Colorado State University

Shelly Shepherd
Title: Information and Education Program Manager
Arizona Game and Fish Department

David Schmidt (BSF, 1962)
Title: Private landowner/tree farmer

Ted Schaefer (BSF, 1975)
Retired: Merrill Lynch

Deanne Shulman (BSF, 1981) 
Title: Senior Emergency Management Specialist, USDA Forest Service (Retired)

John Stephenson (BSF, 1963)
Title: Forester, Bureau of Land Management (Retired)

Steve Templin (BSF, 1978)
Title: Owner
Templin Forestry

Tom Tuchmann
Title: President
US Forest Capital, LLC.

Jeff Whitney
Title: AZ State Forester

Development Committee
Lee Alford
James Allen
Mary Coulombe
Blair Moody
Deanne Shulman
John Stephenson
Tom Tuchmann
(Melissa Leair-Development Officer at NAU)


Assist the School of Forestry in its continuing efforts to improve the quality of its educational, research, and outreach programs.


  • Review and provide feedback on curricular course offerings and content to foster continuous improvement and relevance of the School’s academic programs, as well as to help ensure continuing accreditation by the Society of American Foresters.
  • Provide advice on student recruitment, retention, career development and placement, including: high school and community college outreach; internships and summer employment; scholarships; engagements with student professional societies and organizations; and career/placement advising and assistance.
  • Provide advice on the improvement of the School of Forestry’s research and outreach programs.
  • Provide advice on the capital and resource development activities of the School, including: outreach to legislative and professional bodies; enhancing faculty development; improving instructional programs, including instructional and research laboratories; and commitment of personal or corporate resources in support of the School of Forestry’s commitment to excellence in instruction, scholarship and service.
  • Provide advice on how to raise the profile of the School of Forestry among its peer institutions and key constituents such as the School’s alumni, federal and state natural resource management agencies, and environmental organizations.