Connect with the School of Forestry

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Whether your interest in forestry is newly budding or you’re a longtime School of Forestry alumnus, you can connect—and stay connected – all from one place.

Future foresters

Looking for an educational and enjoyable program to send your kids to this summer? Check out our summer forestry camps. What better setting for kids to learn and have fun than smack-dab in the middle of the forest?

Current students

Get involved with others who have a shared interests through the clubs, organizations, and events of our forestry community.


Now that you’ve graduated, keep up with the latest happenings through our Alumni connect page. 


When you invest in the School of Forestry, you are investing in a distinguished southwest forestry program that focuses on sustainability, and is led by a highly productive research faculty. See how others are supporting our mission. 


Our students benefit from teaching from world-renowned faculty and numerous hands-on learning experiences; they have skills your organization may be able to use. If you are an employer looking to recruit our students, visit our Career Development page to post a job.