Public Service Announcements

Outdoor Leadership Academy campers write, produce, film, edit, and act in Public Service Announcements (PSA).


Crichton Tactic
Crichton Tactic Play Campers investigate the use of wildfire in management of ponderosa pine forests near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Save the Fish
Save the Fish Play Campers try to persuade Americans to save the fish by not polluting our waterways.

The Grumpy Forest Fairy
The Grumpy Forest Fairy Play Campers use humor and music to persuade Americans to respect natural areas.

Into the Woods
Into the Woods Play Campers use a musical format to discuss the impacts of exotic plants in the environment.


American Lifestyle
American Lifestyle Play Participants show the positive and negative aspects of our American lifestyle, and explain the benefits of the "Leave No Trace” policy.

Spending Time in Nature
Spending Time in Nature Play Campers and staff discuss the importance and joy of being outdoors in the natural environment. They explain the benefits of Americans spending more time outside.

News Update on Wildfire
News Update on Wildfire Play Campers researched and put together a T.V. news format presentation on a wildfire.

Endangered Species
Endangered Species Play Campers show the possible consequences of endangering and exploiting endangered species.