Counselor in Training Program

Counselor In Training - Campers The Counselor-in-Training Program is designed for camp graduates looking for an opportunity to strengthen and practice their leadership skills while having fun in the forest! The Counselor-in-Training Program has multiple levels for campers to achieve before moving into our Junior Counselor Program. Their first year CITs play the role of camper buddies; knowing the routine, CITs are able to help first year campers feel comfortable, make friends, and most of all have fun! Through the second and third year CITs take on more responsibilities including assisting counselors with lessons, facilitating games, and mentoring younger CITs. Once a CIT turns 15 yrs. old they are welcome to apply to our Junior Counselor Program, to prepare to move into the role of a Camp Counselor. Our CITs will have the opportunity to work with our Junior Foresters during the first two sessions of camp.
Space is limited, so apply now!