Current Research

The following are a few of the 20 research projects currently initiated:

  • Resolving "Uncertainty" in Ponderosa Pine Fire History Methods.  NAU ERI  
  • Effects of Restoration on Ponderosa Pine Water Use.  NAU Forestry  
  • Post Fire Seed Removal by Rodents and Birds in Ponderosa Habitat.  NAU Biosciences  
  • Bark Beetle Population Dynamics.  NAU Forestry  
  • Seasonal Dynamics of Bark Beetle Flight, Tree Growth, and Physiology.  NAU Forestry  
  • Tree Resistance to Bark Beetle Attacks.  NAU Forestry  
  • Effects of Global Climate Change.  Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research  
  • Stand Treatment Impacts on Forest Health.  NAU Forestry  
  • Field WorkSTIFH and ERI Mogollon Rim Joint Project.  NAU Forestry and ERI 

Future Research Endeavors

  • More Outside Researchers
  • More Long-Term Research (STIFH, Merriam Gradient)
  • Establish NAU Field Research Station 

Coordinated Field Station Efforts

  • Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research
  • Center for Sustainable Environments
  • Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Program
  • Institute for Tribal and Environmental Professionals