Current Students

Program timeline

First semester (will be reviewed during your first week)

  • Attend orientation with the Graduate College and separately with your department
  • Meet with the faculty contact in your department
  • Determine who your faculty advisor will be
  • Meet with your faculty advisor to develop your program of study
  • Submit a petition for transfer credit if you have transferrable courses
  • MSE students only: Plan research and thesis timeline with your faculty advisor

Second semester

  • Submit your advisory committee form to the department
  • Submit your program of study form to the department

Semester before graduation

  • MSE students only: Submit your thesis proposal to the department early on in the semester
  • MEng students only: Submit your project proposal to the early on in the semester (optional)
  • Submit your graduation application to the department before the deadline (to be announced)
  • Include your program of study and NAU transcripts in the application

Last semester

  • Submit graduation addendum form to the department if any changes must be made to your application
  • Review program timeline as well as graduate college’s checklist to ensure that all requirements are met
  • MSE students only: Plan your thesis defense in agreement with your advisory committee

Important information on thesis defense (MSE students)

You will defend your thesis towards the end of your last semester. In addition to our departmental guidelines, please consult the Graduate College’s checklist and thesis webpage for other critical information that you will need.

A detailed step-by-step guide to planning your thesis defense during your last semester is provided below:

  • Schedule your defense
    • Determine availability with your advisory committee, as they must all be present at your thesis defense.
    • Email to request a date and time. Your thesis defense will be scheduled for a two-hour timeframe.
    • IMPORTANT: follow these guidelines per semester for your scheduling and defending:
  • Defending in the spring semester? Book your room before Spring Break. Plan to defend in April.
  • Defending in the fall semester? Book your room before Veteran’s Day. Plan to defend in late November or early December.
  • If necessary, you can defend in the summer. Book your room before Independence Day. Plan to defend in late July.
  • Defend your thesis
    • Two weeks before defense:
      • Submit your thesis to your advisory committee for review.
      • Confirm your date and time with
      • Submit your thesis to NAU ETD website.
      • One week before defense, the department will announce your public thesis defense to all faculty and students in Engineering & Professional Programs.
    • Day of your defense: ensure that your faculty advisor has a blank copy of the Final Oral Defense form in hand.

Documents & Forms

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)

Program of Study:
Civil & EnvironmentalWordPDF 
Computer ScienceWordPDF 
Advisory CommitteeWordPDF 
Thesis ProposalWordPDF 
Final Oral DefenseWordPDF 

Master of Engineering (MEng)

Program of Study:   
Advisory Committee WordPDF 
Project ProposalWordPDF 
Oral ExaminationWordPDF