Engineering Fabrication Lab (Machine Shop)

The Engineering Fabrication Lab, primarily dedicated to educational topics, is a combined instructional and research facility. Instructionally, it provides support for the courses ME 467--Manufacturing Processes and ME 482--Advanced CAD/CAM, as well as considerable support for the Senior Capstone Projects (ME 486C). 

Lab location:

  • building 98C, room 103

Faculty in charge:

The equipment in the  lab is most traditionally metalworking hand tools and machines. The major equipment includes:
  • three Bridgeport-type manual knee mills. Used extensively in ME 467L (Manufacturing Processes Laboratory)
  • three engine lathes, 9-inch swing, 6-inch head. These lathes were recently purchased in 2013 and can be run in either manual or CNC mode, to enable dual support of either the ME 467 (Manufacturing Processes) or ME 482 (Advanced CAD/CAM) courses
  • one manual Bridgeport vertical mill
  • three TORMACH CNC vertical mills
  • two wielding units, one TIG/arc welder and one dedicated MIG welder
  • one floor-mounted vertical bandsaw and one horizontal bandsaw
  • one Monarch manual lathe, 10-inch swing, 6-inch head
  • one floor-mount variable speed drill press
  • one assorted combination hydraulic shear/punch/press
  • assorted grinders and sanders