Advanced Composite Materials Laboratory

The Advanced Composite Materials Laboratory is an instructional and research facility equipped for the fabrication, testing, and analysis of composite materials. 

The lab provides support for funded research projects related to composite materials and also for a laboratory course on composite materials characterization (ME 581). 

The manufacturing and testing equipment includes:

  • 18"x18", 850 ºF hot press
  • Large oven
  • Specimen fabrication equipment
  • 60,000 lb Instron universal testing machine
  • Test fixtures for composites testing

Lab capabilities include:

  • specimen and prototype manufacturing: hand layup, high temperature/high pressure press, machining for specimens
  • testing facilites using a universal testing machine: standard tension tests, compression and shear properties, bending, sandwich panel properties
  • strain gage instrumentation and data acquisition equipment
  • microscopy: optical microscopy, with photomicrography and video imaging, image analysis for fiber and resin content
  • design and analysis capabilities: structural analysis of composite parts, composites design, finite element analysis using COSMOS/M, laminated plate analysis using in-house and commercially available software

Design and analysis capabilities include:

  • Finite element and laminated plate analysis programs
  • In-house developed methods and programs for fracture mechanics analysis

Faculty in charge:

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