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  • student working in Advanced Composite Materials Lab
    student working in Advanced Composite Materials Lab

    Advanced Composite Materials Laboratory

    The Advanced Composite Materials Laboratory is an instructional and research facility equipped for the fabrication, testing, and analysis of composite materials. The facility features specimen fabrication equipment, strain gage instrumentation and data acquisition equipment, and everything a researcher would need to manufacture or test composite materials.

  • sustainable energy
    sustainable energy

    Clean Energy Research Laboratory

    The clean energy research program in Mechanical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary effort that holds as its objective dramatically increased usage of affordable, clean (no carbon emissions) electricity resources that use little to no water, with the focus on wind and solar power. Electrical grid integration studies, wind flow modeling, and multilevel work with Native American partners are the core activities of the researchers. Graduate and undergraduate students are key contributors, working in partnership with utilities, regulating and market organizations, national labs and academia.

  • Biomechatronics v2
    Biomechatronics v2

    Biomechatronics Lab

    The goal of our research is to improve mobility and function in individuals with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disabilities through innovation in mechanical and biomedical engineering.  We conduct laboratory experiments and develops   musculoskeletal models and simulations to study the underlying mechanisms causing movement and orthopedic disorders. We then use the insight gained from these analyses to aid the design of robotic assistive devices and treatment strategies, which are subsequently evaluated and refined using experimental and computational methods.