Yavapai Apache Nation

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Population: 718

Size: 1 sq. mi.

Median Household Income: $27,600

The Yavapai Apache Nation is pursuing several facility-scale solar PV arrays, and has performed feasibility studies for PV capacity on its administration building (65 kW) and social services building (20kW). The Nation has identified the system size, developed plans for construction, and is working through the process of developing a sound financing mechanism to fund the project. The Nation submitted a proposal to the U.S. DOE 2013 TEP funding opportunity to support both installations, but the project was not selected. 

The Nation also performed a feasibility study for 400 kW of solar PV capacity to power its casino operation but is not currently pursuing the project because it does not believe it would be financially beneficial. 

The Yavapai Apache Nation has distributed solar capacity on 38 residential rooftops and powers streetlights with solar in the Clarkdale, Camp Verde, Middle Verde and Tunlii communities. The residences are newly constructed all-electric-appliance homes, and the solar capacity installed defrays energy costs for occupants. 


This information was gathered from conversations with tribal representatives. The census data was found online and represents 2010 figures.


Buddy Rocha, Jr., Economic Development Director 

David Lewis, Environmental Specialist


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