Reports and Publications

The following reports and publications completed by students, staff, or in partnership with NAU.


"Jemez Pueblo Solar Power Study" Thomas Acker. Stan Atcitty. Nader Vadiee. 2014
"Solar Power Variations in the Regulation and Sub-Regulation Time Frames" Thomas Acker, David Willy, Ronald Flood. 2014
"Comparison of Solar Irradiance Smoothing Using a 45-Sensor Netowrk and the Wavelet Variability Model" Ana Dyreson. Eric Morgan. Sam Monger. Thomas Acker. 2014.
"Wind Energy Modeling for Residential-Scale Wind Power and Sensitivity of Economic Valuation to Errors in Wind Speed Estimates" Teuku Indra. Dominique Bain. Thomas Acker. 2014
"Natural Variability of Irradiance and Power - Simple Variability Metrics for Photovoltaic Power Plants" David M. Willy. Thomas Acker. Ronald Flood. 2014.
"Dead Band Method for Solar Irradiance and Power Ramp Detection Algorithms" David Willy. Ana Dyreson. Thomas Acker. Eric Morgan. Ronald Flood. 2014
"Revised Draft: Practical Experience with a Mobile Methanol Synthesis Device" Eric Morgan. Tom Acker. 2014
"Arizona Wind and Solar Status Report 2013" Poster. Cara Corbin. Robert Douglass. Karin Wadsack. 2014
"Best Practices in Land Use Management for Wind Development in the Western United States" Poster. Candice Giffin. Kelsey Morales. Devon Martindale. Karin Wadsack. 2014.
"Combining Wind & Solar Resources in Northern Arizona: Correlation and Variability Analysis" Ana Dyreson. Sam Monger. Eric Morgan. Thomas Acker. 2014
"Keys to Success: the Arizona Wind for Schools Experience." Karin Wadsack. Marilla Lamb. 2014.


"The Future of Electricity: Embracing Transition," Thomas L. Acker, 2013


"Arizona Wind and Solar Development Status Report" Karin Wadsack, Kevin Ordean, Cara Corbinmeyer. 2012
"Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems: Results of IEA Wind Task 24," Thomas L. Acker, Andre Robitaille, Hannelle Holttinen, Marian Piekutowski, and John Olav Tande. 2012

"Prescott Airport Solar Facility Solar Variability Study" Ronald K. Flood, Thomas L. Acker, David Willy, Jeff Lerner, Amy Vandervoort. 2012


"Analysis of Wind Energy Data in Arizona" Matt Smith, Thomas L. Acker. 2011

"Benefits of Pumped Storage Hydro Use in the West Poster" Carson Pete, Thomas L. Acker, G. A. Jordan, D. A. Harpman. 2011

"Comparison Of The Actual And Predicted Wind Energy Production Of A Wind Turbine Using WindPro And WAsP Software" Arshiya Hoseyni Chime, Thomas L. Acker. 2011

"Hydroelectric Industry's Role in Integrating Wind Energy," Thomas L. Acker, 2011

"Hydrogeneration Representation In Production Cost Modeling Of Long-Term Transmission Studies" Christie Dennis. 2011

"IEA Wind Task 24 Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems Volume 1: Issues, Impacts, and Economics of Wind and Hydropower Integration" Acker, T. 2011

"IEA Wind Task 24 Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems Volume 2: Participant Case Studies" Acker, T. 2011

"Improving Hydrogeneration Representation in a Production Cost Model Used for Long-Term Transmission Studies in the Western Interconnection," Christie M. Dennis, Robert C. Walish, Heidi M. Pacini, Tom Chisholm, Tom Acker, 2011

"Wind for Schools: A Cornerstone for Sustainable Energy Education" Karin Wadsack, William Auberle. 2011

"Wind Modeling using WindPro and WAsP Software" Dr. Tom Acker, Arshiya Hoseyni. 2011


"A Comparative Wind Energy Investigation Using Wind Modeling Software And Experimental Data At Flagstaff, Arizona" Arshiya Hoseyni Chime. 2010

"A Comparative Wind Investigation Using Mesoscale Numerical Predictions and Experimental Data at Aubrey Cliffs, Arizona Poster" Earl P. N. Duque, Mike Barton, Thomas L. Acker. 2010

"A Comparative Wind Investigation Using Mesoscale Numerical Predictions And Experimental Data At Aubrey Cliffs, Arizona" Michael S. Barton. 2010

"A Methodology For Comprehensive Characterization Of Errors In Wind Power Forecasting" Mark F. Bielecki, Jason J. Kemper, Thomas L. Acker. 2010

"Adaptable Wind-Powered Filtration System For Rural Water Treatment" John Campbell. 2010

"Flagstaff Homes: Energy Saving Alternatives Analysis" Taylor D. Lang, Thomas L. Acker. 2010

"Implications on Hydropower from Large-Scale Integration of Wind and Solar" Carson M. Pete, Thomas L. Acker, Gary Jordan. 2010

"Modeling Economic and Environmental Impacts of Winde Development in Arizona" Wadsack, K. and Acker, T. 2010

"Modeling Of Wind Power Production Forecast Errors For Wind Integration Studies" Jason J. Kemper, Mark F. Bielecki, Thomas L. Acker. 2010

"Policy Solutions for Increasing Economic Impacts of Wind Development in Arizona" Wadsack, K., and Acker, T. 2010

"Statistical Characterization Of Errors In Wind Power Forecasting" Mark F. Bielecki. 2010

"Statistical Characterization Of Errors In Wind Power Forecasting Poster" Mark F. Bielecki, Jason J. Kemper, Thomas L. Acker. 2010

"Western Wind And Solar Integration Study Hydropower Anaysis: Benefits Of Hydropower In Large-Scale Integration Of Renewables In The Western United States" Carson M. Pete, Gary Jordan, Thomas L. Acker, David A. Harpman. 2010

"Western Wind and Solar Integration Study: Hydropower Analysis" Acker, T., and Pete, C. 2010

"Wind-Powered Desalination: An Appraisal of Saline Groundwater in the U.S." James Androwski, Abraham Springer, Thomas Acker, and Mark Manone, 2010


"Arizona Wind Development Status Report" Karin Wadsack. 2009

"Grant County PUD Integration Study" Thomas L. Acker, Jason Buechler, Kevin Conway, Keith Knitter. 2009

"Integration of Wind and Hydropower Generation in America" Mark F. Bielecki, Jason J. Kemper, Thomas L. Acker. 2009

"Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems: Simplified Modeling" Kurt Olsen, Thomas L. Acker. 2009


"Estimating the Economic Benefits of Wind Energy Projects Using Monte Carlo Simulation with Economic Input/Output Analysis," Susan Williams, Thomas Acker, Marshall Goldberg, and Megan Greve, 2008


"Arizona Public Service Wind Integration Cost Impact Study" Acker, T. 2007

Presentation: Geopowering the West

Wilcox Greenhouse: Geothermal Augmentation

Presentation for the Geothermal Working Group

Deep Geothermal Power Potential for Arizona