Navajo Nation

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Population: 173,667

Size: 24,156 sq. mi.

Median Household Income: $27,389

The Navajo Nation recently passed the Energy Policy Act of 2013, which mandates the establishment of a Navajo Nation Energy Office. The Navajo Nation Department of Justice is charged with the implementation of the Act. The Energy Office, when established, will function as a central agency for the assessment, prioritization, and development of renewable energy projects. 

The Navajo Nation has its own utility authority, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA), which provides electric service to the entire reservation. NTUA operates an off-grid renewable energy program to provide electric service to customers who are outside the geographic range of its electricity grid. NTUA operates roughly 300 off-grid solar and wind installations, and provides operation and maintenance services.  

The Navajo Nation and NTUA have performed wind assessments and feasibility investigations with private development partners at a number of sites on and off the Navajo Reservation, including Gray Mountain and the Big Boquillas ranch, but none of the projects are moving forward at this time. The Nation is also considering solar project development at facility and utility scale.

This information was gathered from conversations with tribal representatives. 


Terry Battiest, Derrick Terry, NTUA

Toni Flora, Navajo Nation Department of Justice

Anthony Peterman, Navajo Nation Office of the Speaker

Demographic Analysis for Navajo Nation

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