Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation

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Population: 971

Size: 39 sq. mi.

Median Household Income: $51,157

The Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation installed a 12 kW solar PV system on one of the tribal headquarters buildings in 2010. There are also two systems at the air monitoring station that are a demonstration project comparing tracking systems: a ~1.5 kW array on a Watson motorized solar tracker, and ~1.8kW on a Zone Works single-axis passive tracking system. 

 The headquarters building project has generated more than the projected quantity of electricity, and due to this positive experience, the tribe decided to pursue the development of 1 MW of solar PV capacity, working with EPA and NREL. 

This information was gathered using web searches and conversations with tribal representatives. The census data was found online and represents 2010 figures.


Dan Catlin, Air Quality Specialist

EPA website on tribal projects to combat climate change:  

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