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This report details utility-scale renewable energy projects, 1 megawatt (MW) or larger, on Arizona’s public, private, Native American, and military land.  Details are presented on the size, technology, and status of projects. Where there are no utility scale developments, we outline the priorities for renewable energy development and highlight some smaller-scale installations. This information was gathered through direct contact with county employees, tribal members, and online searches. Major findings include:

  • At the end of 2013, there were around 1,460 MW of utility scale renewable energy operating and under construction in Arizona: 1,137 MW of utility scale solar; 288 MW of utility scale wind; and 35 MW of biomass/biogas energy.
  • Maricopa County leads the counties in solar development with 566 MW of projects completed or under construction.
  • The Dry Lake wind farm in Navajo County is the largest wind farm in Arizona with 127 MW capacity.
  • There have not been any utility scale renewable energy projects on tribal lands, yet there have been a number of smaller scale projects and feasibility studies and other pre-development work for the pursuit of utility scale installations.
  • Each branch of the military has its own internal goals for increasing the percentage of renewable energy it uses. Yet, only a few projects have been realized.

How projects are classified:

  • Proposed: the project has been proposed to the public by developers through press releases or presentations to government institutions. 
  • Under development: the project is going through the permitting process and/or seeking additional funding or developers. 
  • Under construction: the project has broken ground and is in the process of being built. 
  • Operating projects have been completed and are currently generating and selling electricity.
A downloadable PDF version is available here

2013 AZ Total Solar Map for Web
Map 1: Total operating and under construction solar energy capacity in MW
2013 AZ Total Wind Map
Map 2: Total operating and under construction wind energy capacity in MW
2013 AZ Total Wind Solar Map
Map 3: Total operating and construction of wind and solar energy capacity in MW

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