Wind Turbine Installations

  • NATIVE installation2
    NATIVE installation2

    NATIVE Joint Technical Education District, Kayenta

    NAU worked with partners including Grand Canyon Trust, WestWind Solar and Southwest Windpower to fund three wind turbine installations at NATIVE, which took place in Summer 2013.

  • PikaTurbine

    Hopi Day School

    NAU worked with partners WestWind Solar, the Hopi Tribe Renewable Energy Office, and the Grand Canyon Trust on the installation of a 1.9-kW Pika wind turbine at the Hopi Day School. The installation was completed in June 2014. WfS performed educational activities with students from several grades in Spring 2012.

    The Hopi Day School turbineis featured online

  • Orme

    Orme School

    We installed a Skystream wind turbine on 11/11/11, and WfS performed activities and lessons with every science class at the school that day. The students watched the installation. The WfS team put an anemometer up at Orme in Spring 2011 as well to collect data for a year.

    The Orme School install in the news:
    Department of Energy Report: Orme School Install

  • ponderosa

    Ponderosa High School

    The installation was designed by Northern Arizona University electrical engineering students, who, along with Coconino Community College students, helped with the installation and taught renewable energy concepts to the high school students. The installation is used for renewable energy education and leadership training at the high school.

    The greenhouse at Ponderosa High, an accommodation school in the Coconino County school district, is the site of the Arizona Wind for Schools project's first installation. The wind-and-solar hybrid, off-grid system powers lights, a water pump, and automatic window louvers for the greenhouse. The school's garden project uses the greenhouse to extend the growing season and to house plants for other schools and regional nursery projects. This system could be a useful model for schools across the state that have off-grid applications such as school greenhouses.

    The turbine was donated by Southwest Windpower, and the remainder of the system and installation was funded by Arizona Public Service Company and NextEra Energy Resources. In May 2011, Ponderosa High held a public meeting and tour to showcase the hybrid solar and wind energy off-grid installation and a number of other campus sustainability projects.

    The Ponderosa install in the news:
    Department of Energy Report

  • dilcon installation
    dilcon installation

    Dilcon Community School

    NAU installed a wind/solar hybrid system (2.4kW SkyStream turbine and 6 solar panels) at Dilcon Community School in 2012, and followed up with a teachers’ workshop and activities in the middle school classrooms in December 2012.

  • little singer installation2
    little singer installation2

    Little Singer School

    NAU installed a wind/solar hybrid system (2.4kW SkyStream turbine and 6 solar panels) at Little Singer School in 2012. The installation was featured in the local newspaper for its educational benefits.

    Little Singer School in the news

  • 6328_HILLS_H1

    Seligman Unified School District

    The science teachers at Seligman requested a weather station be installed to teach meteorology and other concepts relevant to wind energy. The installation was funded through our partnership with NextEra Energy. We performed a teachers' workshop and helped with special events at the school in 2013.

  • leup installation
    leup installation

    Leupp Schools, Inc.

    Three 2.4 kW Skystream wind turbines were installed at Leupp School on the Navajo Reservation during the summer of 2012. The school also installed a 20 kW rooftop PV system as part of their initiative to "illustrate the current knowledge and upcoming trends on energy to improve the opportunities for the local population." Wind for Schools worked with the Leupp teachers to introduce students to the installations and to perform other wind energy related activities as part of high school science labs and elementary and middle school engineering activities. 

  • st-michael

    St. Michael Indian School

    Wind for Schools installed a 2.4 kilowatt Skystream turbine at St. Michael Indian School on October 4, 2011 as a part of a renewable energy installation focus at the school. WfS hosted a teachers' workshop for 20 area teachers in December 2010, and also performed direct education related to renewable energy and climate change topics.

    The St. Michael intall in the news:
    Navajo Times: St. Micheal Install

  • STAR installation
    STAR installation

    STAR School

    The STAR (Service to All Relations) school is an off-grid, renewable-energy powered school near Leupp, Arizona. Students in NAU’s electrical engineering department taught STAR students about renewable energy and helped them design tours that STAR students now give to visitors at the school. NAU staff and students installed a meteorological tower at STAR school in late spring 2011, which led to the installation of three 2.4 kW Skystream wind turbines in summer 2013. With help from NAU, STAR school successfully obtained a grant from the Grand Canyon Trust to pay for the installation.

  • williams

    Williams Elementary/Middle School

    NAU installed a Skystream wind turbine at Williams Elementary/Middle School during Fall 2011 in conjunction with the installation of WeatherBug meteorological equipment.

    On several occasions, the WfS team classes at Williams, performing lessons, activities and discussions on wind. 

    The Williams install in the news:
    Williams News
    Department of Energy Report

  • NAU installation
    NAU installation

    Northern Arizona University

    In November 2011, Northern Arizona University installed its first grid-tied wind turbine. The Skystream turbine was funded through NAU's Green Fund, a student run organization which aims to "reduce NAU's negative impact on the environment and create a culture of sustainability on-campus." The Green Fund has since allocated funding for a second Skystream on campus. This project is still in the planning phase.

  • HRM turbine
    HRM turbine

    HRM turbine (Northern Arizona University)

    In January 2015, Northern Arizona University completed the second Skystream turbine installation on campus, at the university’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. The turbine provides power to the school’s buildings and reports electricity generation data to the Wind for Schools OpenEI Portal. This installation was also supported by NAU’s student Green Fund.



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