Courses at NAU

The following are energy related courses offered through the university.

  • Mechanical Engineering 435/535: Wind Energy Engineering
    • Concepts, theory, and design of wind energy conversion systems.  Topics include wind energy resources, wind turbine aerodynamics, mechanics, subsystems, design, development, economics, and policies. 
  • Mechanical Engineering 451: Renewable Energy Systems
    • Fundamentals concepts of renewable energy resources, conversion technology and hybrid system design with an emphasis on solar photovoltaics and wind energy.
  • Economics 424/525: Natural Resources and Climate Change
    • Theory and public policy of natural resource economics; techniques for measurement and valuation, cultural, social and ethical issues surrounding natural resources; regulation of economic activity regarding natural resources.
  • Economics 428: Advanced Energy Economics
    • The relationship between energy, humans, and the environment, focusing on prospects for a sustainable energy future in urban areas, emerging societies and indigenous communities.
  • Environmental Sciences 385: Energy Resource and Policy
    • Origins and exploitation of energy and mineral resources, and the policies that control how we obtain and use them.
  • Electrical Engineering 490: Power Systems
    • Advanced topics in electrical engineering that are not regularly offered.