Northern Arizona University

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Northern Arizona University energy educators work across campus  to engage students in thinking about, and finding solutions for, our future energy needs. We have worked with a number of NAU departments to incorporate sustainability and renewable energy into course and degree program curriculum, and give presentations in dozens of NAU classes each year. Over the 2013-2014 school year, NAU managed a group of undergraduate business, engineering, and environmental studies students in preparation for the Department of Energy's inaugural National Collegiate Wind Competition. Find out about the CWC Team here. Work and design has continued through capstone classes, as well as the submission of  a proposal to the Department of Energy for the 2015-2016 competition year.



Energy educators at NAU worked to build a publicly available curriculum for K-12 that integrates energy literacy and renewable energy. Through the Wind for Schools program, NAU staff and students have worked with nearly 40 elementary, middle and high schools across Arizona to teach about renewable energy and in some cases install small scale wind turbines on campus. Another K-12 energy education initiative included the bicycle generating project.

Community and Policy

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NAU energy experts play an active role in the dialogue about energy issues on the local, regional, and national level. Efforts include: 

  • The Wind and Solar Status Report is designed to provide policy makers, business leaders, and citizens with accessible information about the renewable energy developments occurring in each jurisdiction statewide.
  • NAU faculty and staff work alongside tribal leaders to support the development of energy policies that will foster sustainable energy solutions for their communities.
  • NAU’s energy research faculty and staff have served on technical working groups for national, regional, and local research and policy development. Examples include serving on the group that drafted the Energy Element for Coconino County's Comprehensive Plan, and giving technical presentation to County policymakers, state legislature subcommittees, and the Arizona Corporate Commission.