Expand your world view

We are happy to welcome students from all over the world to study in our department.

We also encourage our students to take the opportunity to study abroad, and to learn about other cultures and how they approach the field of engineering. This sharing of information will lead to more effective practices the world over.

For students from outside the United States

If you would like to study mechanical engineering at Northern Arizona University, and have questions, please contact one of our engineering advisers.

International student adviser

Jen Johnson
Phone: 928-523-4857
Office: Engineering Bldg 69, Room 122A
E-mail: Jen.Johnson@nau.edu

For more information about attending Northern Arizona University as an international student, visit the Center for International Education. 

For US students who wish to study abroad

If you want to earn part of your mechanical engineering degree in another country, here are a few things you should know:

Information coming soon. 

For more information about studying abroad, visit the Center for International Education.