Minor in Mechanical Engineering

Are you already going for a different degree in engineering or the natural sciences?  Then a minor in Mechanical Engineering will complement any degree program such as:

  • electrical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • computer science

A minor will give you a broad understanding of mechanical engineering that you can use in your future career or to apply to other disciplines.

Minor requirements

The following courses are required for a minor in Mechanical Engineering:

  • EGR 186
  • ME 286
  • CENE 251
  • CENE 253
  • ME 252
  • ME 291

Note: prerequisites for these classes include MAT 136, 137, 238, PHY 161, PHY 262 and CHM 151.

Minor electives

Select sufficient courses from the list below to total 24 credit hours of minor required and elective courses.  Note some of these courses may require pre-requisites not shown in the minor requirements above, such as CS 122, etc.  Consult your minor adviser in Mechanical Engineering to see if the pre-requisite can be waived or used as part of your minor electives.

  • ME 365
  • ME 392
  • ME 395
  • ME 450
  • ME 455
  • Other Mechanical Engineering 300- or 400-level courses

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