Master of Science degree requirements

The MSE curriculum requires 30 units:

  • 6 units of thesis (ME 699)
  • 3 units of advanced mathematics or statistics
  • 6 units of EGR 501 (3 units) and EGR 502 (3 units) – core topics in sustainable systems and advanced engineering design
  • 15 units of electives

Since the MSE program emphasizes interdisciplinary topics, students may wish to take courses outside of their primary disciplinary focus.  Some courses may require prior completion of prerequisite courses. Master of science students in mechanical engineering must also:

  • choose the chair and members of your advisory committee before completing 9 units of coursework
  • submit a plan of study that lists all coursework intended to satisfy the M.S.E. degree requirements by the first month of the semester in which you take your 10th credit.  (The elective and math/statistics courses are selected in consultation with and acceptable to the student’s graduate committee and its chair)
  • complete a maximum of two courses, up to 6 units, at the 400-level
  • complete at least 24 hours of formal coursework, other than such individualized studies as independent study, directed readings, thesis and research

Course requirements

Core courses

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The common core represents a unifying vision of guiding future research and engineering applications by the principles of sustainability and methods of advanced engineering design.  The core consists of two courses – one offered each semester – taught by faculty from across the engineering and professional programs in the college:


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The 3-credit requirement in advanced mathematics/statistics can be met by an appropriate course from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, or a similar course with approval of the student’s advisory committee.  A partial list of existing courses that are acceptable in meeting the requirement is shown below:


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The 6-credit thesis requirement is met by conducting supervised research and registering for the appropriate course from the list below.  The student should select the course consistent with his/her disciplinary focus.

CENE 699 Thesis (1-9)

CS 699 Thesis (1-9)

EE 699 Thesis (1-9)

EGR 699 Thesis (1-9)

ME 699 Thesis (1-9)


The 15-credit requirement of 400- or 500-level electives can be met from courses found in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.  However, since cross-disciplinary course work is encouraged in this program, courses from other departments will be acceptable with approval of the student’s graduate advisory committee.  Existing courses in engineering and computer science that may be used to satisfy the electives credit requirement can be found by clicking the links below.

Civil and Environmental Engineering electives

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Computer Science electives

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Electrical Engineering electives

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Mechanical Engineering electives

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