Why mechanical engineering at Northern Arizona University?

Why choose Northern Arizona University? We are undergraduate-focused, our classes are all taught by regular faculty, and you can be confident of receiving a very good education in accredited programs that are currently ranked in the top 25% by U.S. News and World Report for engineering colleges whose highest degree is a masters degree. We are learner-centered, our facilities and labs are current and student-oriented, our caring faculty are accessible to students, and our tuition is fairly low and is guaranteed for 4 years. You will be living and learning in a beautiful natural setting of a mountainside forest, you will have an abundance of learning assistance available to help you be successful in these relatively challenging programs, and your education features the Design4Practice hands-on program that won Boeing Company's outstanding educator award in 1999.

Program objectives

Our learning goals are stated as our program objectives. Within three to five years after graduation, our mechanical engineering alumni will have:

  • Successfully applied their mechanical engineering knowledge in practice or in graduate school.
  • Successfully applied their knowledge of engineering principles in a variety of innovative applications which are preferred by employers in the professional market.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of ethical and professional responsibilities.
  • Actively continued the process of lifelong learning to keep up to date with the advancement of the engineering profession.
  • Demonstrated the essential technical, communication, and professional skills necessary to assume leadership roles.
Mission and Vision

Student Learning Outcomes and Program Educational Objectives

Annual Student Enrollment and Graduation Data (PAIR data)

Our undergraduate engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.