Transfer Students

What courses should I take in community college?

You can normally transfer up to 64 credits, but unless you can complete the EE courses in the freshman and sophomore year, you should expect that it will require three years at Northern Arizona University to complete your degree.  If you can complete the equivalent of EGR 186 (Intro. to Engineering Design), EE 110 (Digital Logic) and EE 215 (Microprocessors), then you may be able to finish in 2 or 2.5 years.

Sample 6-term plans for transfer students

3 Year Sample Plan for Transfer Students - EE Emphasis

3 Year Sample Plan for Transfer Students - CpE Emphasis

Arizona transfer information

To see which college classes count toward graduation at Northern Arizona University, go to the Arizona Transfer website. Click on Community College or University Students.

If you click on Transfer Guides, choose Northern Arizona University and your community college and major (electrical engineering) and you can see what classes count.

Liberal studies and diversity requirements (often called general studies requirements)

If you completed an AGEC or TGEC, you may be able to use that to meet your Liberal Studies and Diversity requirements.

The only courses not shown in the transfer guide are liberal studies electives. These courses should be selected carefully so that you do not have to take additional courses to fulfill the liberal studies and diversity requirements at Northern Arizona University.

If you click on Course Equivalency Guides, you can see what courses are equivalent at different community colleges and universities.

From the Arizona Transfer website, click on Course Equivalency Guide and you can look up any course at your community college and see if it meets the requirements for a course in the liberal studies electives and diversity electives.