Advising resources

Transfer student information 

Graduation procedures 

For the latest advising information and tips, download the Fall Group Advising Presentation.  Come to the group advising session this fall if you need help charting your path toward graduation or to choose electives.

Find an adviser

You can select any EE faculty member as your faculty adviser to help you with career advising and choosing electives, but contact one of the professional advisers listed below if you need help with:

  • selection of classes, understanding Liberal Studies and Diversity requirements,  getting transfer credits processed
  • petitions, waivers, changing majors or emphasis;  ROTC, Veteran, financial aid or International paperwork
  • graduation applications and degree progress

Engineering Professional Adviser for EE and CpE
Barbara Mendez
Phone:  928-523-9089
Office:  Engineering Building 69, Room 122B

International Student Adviser for EE and CpE
Julie Thurston
Phone:  928-523-4857
Engineering Building 69, Room 122A on MWF

Multicultural Engineering Program Adviser
Kelley Horn
Engineering Building 69, Room 122L

General Advising Information

Most EE classes are only offered once each year, so you must plan carefully to avoid delaying your graduation unduly.  You can click on the link to the Two Year Schedule of Course Offerings to see what EE classes are planned to be offered in the next couple of years.  If you go to degree programs, you can click on the links to the EE and CpE emphases progression plans.  The critical sequences to complete are:

   EGR186, EGR 286, EGR386W, EE476C, EE486C where the last two are offered only fall and spring. 

   EE110, CS122&122L, EE215, and EE310 where EE110 is fall only, EE 215 and EE310 are spring only.

   EE188&188L, EE280, and EE380 where EE280 is spring only and EE380 is fall only.

   MAT136, MAT137, MAT238, MAT239, CENE 225 or STA275, EE325, EE364 and EE348 where EE325 and EE364 are fall only and co-requisites and EE348 is spring only with a prerequisite of EE325.

If you are in the Computer Engineering emphasis, an additional key sequence is:

   CS122&122L, CS126&126L, CS136&136L, MAT226 and CS249.

Prerequisites: classes that you must complete before taking a particular course.

Co-requisites: classes that you must have either completed or be taking at the same time as a particular course.

To find pre and co-requisites:

  1. log in to LOUIE 
  2. select the Class Search/Browse Catalog link
  3. find your class you want to take and see what pre and co-requisites it may have

Liberal studies requirements

To earn an undergraduate degree at Northern Arizona University, you must complete liberal studies requirements.  Certain courses are required, but you have 15 units of electives, 3 in Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry, 6 in Social and Behavioral Worlds and 6 in Cultural Understanding.

Minors, certificates, dual majors

Check out the academic catalog and consider whether you should pursue a:

  • minor
  • certificate program
  • dual major