Research and Design


Prepare yourself for the field

 Faculty involve students in their research projects.  Funded projects often hire undergraduate students and provide research assitantships for graduate students.

 Wireless Networks Laboratory - Directed by Dr. Paul Flikkema, designs and develops wireless sensor networks and data informatics for eco-system monitoring (rooms 249 &  

 Wireless Communications Laboratory - Shared by Dr. Fatemeh Afghah and Dr. Abolfazl Razi, exploring software defined radios and other wireless and advanced
    communications systems (room 250)

 Energy Systems Laboratory - Directed by Dr. Venkata Yaramasu, exploring renewable energy systems research (room 248)

 Digital Signal Processing and Virtual Reality Laboratory - Shared by Dr. Phillip Mlsna and Dr. Elmer Grubbs, exploring digital image processing and virtual reality systems
   (room 251)

Graduate students have a variety of research opportunities, including teaching and research assistantships and fellowships.

 Design projects and hands-on experience are at the core of our department, whether it’s at the undergraduate or graduate level.

  • 2014 and 2015 ECE Capstone Projects  As an undergraduate engineering student, you will take part in the Design4Practice Program, which features courses that use real design  projects whenever possible to teach the process of innovation and design and simulate an engineering team environment. At the link above you can explore the websites created by the electrical engineering senior teams that will present at this year's Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium in late April.  This is an annual event that is open to the public.  This year's events include an all-university poster and creative arts exhibition in the Skydome along with oral presentations in the duBois Center of team projects from senior capstone design teams in engineering, computer science and environmental science. 
  • If you have an idea for a project that you would like a team of students to tackle for you, please see the project guidelines at the bottom of this link.  
  •  You can also check out all the senior engineering and computer science capstone project websites, some back as far as 1996.