Electrical Engineering Faculty

EE & CS Department Chair

Dr. James Palmer (not pictured)
Associate Professor and Interim Chair
Office:  Room 262, Engineering Building #69
Phone: 928-523-5376 
Email: James.Palmer@nau.edu

EE Associate Department Chair


Dr. David R. Scott (pictured)
Associate Professor & Assistant Chair
Campus Address: Room 258, Engineering Building #69

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Engineering and Professional Programs Staff (click here)

Electrical Engineering Faculty

Dr. Fatemah Afghah (not pictured)
Assistant Professor
Office:  Room 254, Engineering Building #69
Phone:  928-523-5095
Email: Fatemah.Afghah@nau.edu 

Dr. Bruce Barnes (not pictured)
Assistant Professor of Practice (Joint CUPT/NAU 3+1 Program)
Office:  Room 122P, Engineering Building #69
Phone:  928-523-4325
Email:  Bruce.Barnes@nau.edu 

Dr. Elizabeth Brauer (not pictured)
Office: Room 263, Engineering Building #69
Phone: 928-523-8903
E-mail: Liz.Brauer@nau.edu
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Dr. Bertrand Cambou (not pictured)
Professor of Practice
Office:  Room 324B, Engineering Building #69
Phone: 928-523-7824
Email:  Bertrand.Cambou@nau.edu 


Dr. Paul Flikkema (pictured)
Professor and Director of the Informatics Computing Program
Office: Room 140 Advanced Research & Design Building #56
Phone: 928-523-6114
E-mail: Paul.Flikkema@nau.edu
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Ms. Julie Heynssens (pictured)
Office:  Room 256, Engineering Building, #69
Phone: 928-523-8882
Email:  Julie.Heynssens@nau.edu

Dr. Elmer A Grubbs (not pictured)
Office: Room 202A, Engineering Building #69
Phone: 928-523-0738
Email: elmer.grubbs@nau.edu

Dr. Phil Mlsna (not pictured)
Associate Professor
Office: Room 257, Engineering Building #69
Phone: 928-523-2112
Email: Phillip.Mlsna@nau.edu
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Dr. Abolfazl Razi (not pictured)
Assistant Professor
Office:  Room 253, Engineering Building #69
Phone:  928-523-8078
Email: Abolfazl.Razi@nau.edu

Dr. Xi Zhou (not pictured)
Lecturer (Joint CUPT/NAU 3+1 BS Program)
Office:  Room 122P, Engineering Building #69
Phone:  928-523-0902
Email: Xi.Zhou@nau.edu

Dr. Jie Yang (not pictured)
Lecturer (Joint CUPT/NAU 3+1 BS Program)
Office:  Room 122P, Engineering Building #69
Phone: 928-523-0897
Email: Jie.Yang@nau.edu

Dr. Venkata Yaramasu (not pictured)
Assistant Professor
Office:  Room 255, Building #69
Phone:  928-523-6092
Email: Venkata.Yaramasu@nau.edu

Mr. John Sharber (not pictured)
Shop Manager/Part time instructor
Office: Room 206, Engineering Building #69
Phone: 928-523-3759
Email: John.Sharber@nau.edu

Emeritus faculty


Dr. Peter Blakey (pictured)
Emeritus Professor (retired)
Email: Peter.Blakey@nau.edu 


Jerry M. Hatfield, PE (pictured)
Emeritus Associate Professor (retired)
Email: Jerry.Hatfield@nau.edu 


Dr. Walter G. Hopkins II I(pictured)
Emeritus Professor (retired)
Email: Walter.Hopkins@nau.edu 

Dr. Richard Neville  (not pictured)
Emeritus Professor (retired)