Master of Science in Engineering, emphasis in Electrical Engineering

In our on-campus MSE in Electrical Engineering program, you will work collaboratively with peers and faculty, performing hands-on research in our outstanding lab facilities.  This program offers you the flexibility to expand your engineering skills, whether you are a full-time student or a practicing engineer.  Our program focuses on two in-demand areas:

  • sustainable systems
  • advanced engineering design

Innovating professionally

Your master’s degree in electrical engineering will give you an edge over the competition. Upon obtaining your degree, you’ll be qualified to work as:

  • a sustainable designer
  • an inventor and innovator
  • an electrical engineering manager
  • a professional researcher and developer

Work while you study

Get paid and have your tuition waived. If you work as a graduate assistant for 20 hours per week, the university will pay your tuition and provide you with a living stipend.  You can apply for a:

  • teaching assistantship
  • research assistantship

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Degree requirements

To earn this degree, you must complete a total of 30 credit hours:

  • 6 hours of thesis research (EE 699)
  • 3 hours of applied mathematics or statistics
  • 6 hours of core courses in sustainable systems (EGR 501) and advanced engineering design (EGR 502)
  • 15 hours of electives (you may take 6 credits of any combination of 400 level classes or letter graded individualized studies like EE 685 and EE 697)

See the academic catalog for full details on this degree, including a course listing.

Application and Admission Information

These requirements are in addition to those of the Graduate College (see their website for information and if you are an international student, also check this website)

  • You must have a B.S. degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering (or equivalent) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • If you have a B.S. degree in a different discipline than above, then you must complete a set of pre-master's courses while earning a grade of "B" or higher in all pre-admission courses.
  • You must take the GRE General Test unless you earned your B.S.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from NAU or are in our Integrated Program in Electrical Engineering.
  • Your application must include a statement that includes your educational goals and top areas of interest for your study and/or research.
  • Your application must include three letters of recommendation.
  • You must be accepted by the department.